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Delivered Louisville, Ky 17/5/45; Syracuse, NY 5/7/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Altus 15/11/45; Used as experimental Allison T-56 turbo-prop, Seattle with Buzz No BA-747B, as Civil NX-5111N ANUDDERONE, sold to Pratt & Whitney 19/11/47 as engine test-bed with an XT-34P in the nose and cockpit moved back 4ft. Was severely damaged by tornado in Connecticut where a SA-16 Albatross was lifted by the wind and thrown on top of the bomber, October 1979. Donated to Connecticut Aero. Hist. Soc. at Bradley. Taken on by Tom Riley who bought the wreck in 1987, and taken to Kissimmee, FL and rebuilt as B-17G; purchased by Don Brooks in 2003, now displayed as 42-97849 [DI-O] of 570BS/390BG Framlingham, Sfk, UK, at Liberty Foundation, Douglas, GA, as airworthy LIBERTY BELLE. (During an airshow with Capt John Hess, Co-pilot: Bud Stittic plus five passengers on 13/6/2011 force landed Oswego, Ill., an accompanying T-6 Texan spotted a fire on B-17s inboard left wing and informed pilot, who made a successful landing in nearby field. It was not a severe fire but the appliances were unable to negotiate the soft ground, thus passengers all OK and many items of equipment were saved before the flames took a big hold and ship burnt out.)

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