Geschichte der
B-17 #44-8640 / Section 8

Delivered Hunter 14/11/44; Dow Field 3/12/44; Assigned 388BG Knettishall 4/12/44; transferred 334BS/95BG [BG-D] Horham 5/12/44; after 58 missions was Missing in Action Operation Chowhound (6th such mission) 7/5/44 with Lionel Sceurman, Navigator: Russell Cook {picked up by RAF Walrus, but died soon after}, Radio Operator: Gana McPherson, Ball turret gunner: John Keller, Waist gunner: Norbert {Kuper} Cooper,Tail gunner: Bill Langford, obs-Ed Bubloz, obs-Bob Korber, Gerald Lane, obs-Joe Repiscak, obs-George Walteri {last five passengers were photographic personnel} (11 Killed in Action); Co-pilot: Jim Schwartz, nav/trainer-Dave Condon were picked up by 5th ERS from Halesworth on OA-10A Catalina) (2 Returned to Duty) flak, ditched Channel. SECTION 8. (Last 8AF aircraft lost in WW II).

Details 44-8640 / Section 8

Letzte B-17 der 8. Air Force, welches abgeschossen wurde. 7. Mai 1945

Crew 44-8640 / Section 8

P1LTLionel N. SceurmanKIA
CP2LTJames R. SchwarzRTD
ROS/SGTGano H. McPhersonKIA
BTS/SGTJohn J. KellerKIA
WGS/SGTNorbert I. KuperKIA
WGS/SGTEdward H BubolzKIAphoto
TGS/SGTWilliam R. LankfordKIA
OBSPVTGeorge L. WaltariKIA
OBSSGTJoseph RepiscakKIA

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