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B-17 #42-39995 / Cow Town Boogie

Delivered Long Beach 29/10/43; Gr lsland 13/11/43; Assigned 731BS/452BG [7D- ] Deopham Green 9/12/43; Missing in Action Rostock 11/4/44 with Bob Schimmel, Co-pilot: Fred Newton, Navigator: Chas McKeag, Bombardier: Ralph Libby, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bill Gregory, Radio Operator: Leo Donoghue, Ball turret gunner: Joe Adamczk, Waist gunner: Albt Elliott, Waist gunner: Matt Schmitt,Tail gunner: Chas Skinner (10INT); mech fault #2 KOd, force landed Angelholm, Sweden. Missing Air Crew Report 3826. Left Sweden for UK 15/6/45; Returned to the USA 121 BU Bradley 16/7/45; 4185 BU Independence 22/7/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 22/12/45. Missing Air Crew Report 3826. COW TOWN BOOGIE.

Details 42-39995 / Cow Town Boogie

This plane was named by its pilot, William E. Stevenson, who was from Texas in honor of the many “cow towns” there. Stevenson was ill the day it was interned in Sweden with Robert C. Schimmel as its pilot.

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Crew 42-39995 / Cow Town Boogie

P1LTRobert C. SchimmelINT
CP2LTFred B. NewtonINT
BOMB2LTRalph .A. LibbyINT
ENG/TTT/SGTWilliam E. GregoryINT
ROT/SGTLeo .J. DonoghueINT
BTS/SGTJoe T. AdamszykINT
WGS/SGTAlbt A. ElliottINT
WGS/SGTMatt C. SchmittINT
TGS/SGTChas T. SkinnerINT

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