Geschichte der
B-17 #44-6538 / Miss Prissy

Delivered Hunter 2/9/44; Grenier 22/9/44; Assigned 817BS/483BG Sterparone 28/9/44; Missing in Action Ruhland 22/3/45 with Ralph Bates, Kallock, Fischer, Jacobs, Brewer (5 Returned to Duty); McCauley, Thaen Kwock Lee, Brennan, Piersall, Pickard (5 Prisoner of War); jet enemy aircraft, crashed Breslau; Missing Air Crew Report 13242. MISS PRISSY.

Details 44-6538 / Miss Prissy

Waist gunner S/Sgt. Thaen Kwock Lee.

He recalled that he and his crew bailed out in their parachutes and while descending back to earth, they were attacked by German Me-262s:

Three fighters came after me. The first one missed and the second also missed. When the third one came by I was too low for him to shoot at me. When I hit the ground a burst of machine gun was fired at me. I hit the dirt fast. Then German soldiers came and drove me on a motorcycle to a building. On the way we passed a row of dead American airmen, about twelve of them covered with blood soaked parachutes. I knew they were shot dead on the way down.

Quelle: Attacks on parachutists, (last visited Oct. 8, 2017).

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