B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies Die legendäre Boeing B-17 Fliegende Festung im Zweiten Weltkrieg und das Schicksal zu jeder einzelnen Maschine.

„Das beste Kampfflugzeug, das jemals gebaut wurde. Sie konnte die meisten Schäden verkraften und blieb immer noch in der Luft.“
General Ira C. Eaker

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B-17 #42-31585 / Mount N‘ Ride

42-31585 / Mount N‘ Ride

Delivered Cheyenne 26/11/43; Paine 28/11/43; Gt Falls 5/12/32; Cheyenne 7/12/43; Kearney 16/12/43; Oklahoma City 7/1/44; Kearney 12/1/44; Romulus 17/1/44; Grenier 18/1/44; Assigned 323BS/91BG [OR-B] Bassingbourne 1/2/44; Missing in Action Augsburg 16/3/44 with Doye Bradford, Co-pilot: Bob Mersereau, Navigator: Alby Trendell, Bombardier: Jack Athearn, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Hobart Peterson, Radio Operator: Norman Bunin, Ball turret gunner: Bob Modell, Waist gunner: Lucian Wright, Waist gunner: Nick Merletti,Tail gunner: Malcolm Bradt (10INT); flak KO’d #2 & #3, dropped behind and, force landed Dubendorf, Switz; Missing Air Crew Report 3221. Ret Burtonwood, UK. Salvaged 8/10/45. MOUNT ‚N RIDE.

B-17 #42-102560 / The Thomper

42-102560 / The Thomper

Delivered Cheyenne 14/3/44; Gr Island 1/4/44; Dow Fd 8/4/44; Assigned 334BS/95BG [BG-X] Horham 11/4/44; 62m, Missing in Action Merseburg 30/11/44 with Chas Wicker, Co-pilot: Alf Rivas, Navigator: Fred Johnson, Bombardier: Warren Briggs, Radio Operator: Gordon Bryce (5 Killed in Action); Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Jim Robinson, Ball turret gunner: Jim Knighton, Waist gunner: Don Dale,Tail gunner: Ed Kobley (4 Prisoner of War); flak, crashed Merseburg, Ger. Missing Air Crew Report 10840. THE THOMPER.

B-17 Bomber Flying Fortress – The Queen Of The Skies 42-30292 / Pulsatin Polly

42-30292 / Pulsatin Polly

Delivered Cheyenne 9/5/43; Gore 10/5/43; Moses Lake 22/5/43; Geiger 25/5/43; Smoky Hill 1/7/43; Dow Fd 11/7/43; Assigned 551BS/385BG [HR-O] Gt Ashfield 12/7/43; transferred 569BS/390BG [CC-Q] Framlingham 13/7/43; Missing in Action (11m) Bremen 8/10/43 with Marshall Shepherd, Co-pilot: Neil Murphy, body washed up in River Weser), Navigator: Jesse Wyatt, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Bill Masters, Radio Operator: Chas Brown, Ball turret gunner: Bob Ross (6 Killed in Action); Bombardier: Owen Smith, Waist gunner: Jim Helms, Waist gunner: Harry Lambert, Tail gunner: Albt Martin (4 Prisoner of War); direct flak hits in cockpit, radio room and #4 on fire, and circled by enemy fighters, crashed Quelkhorn, Ger; Missing Air Crew Report 783. PULSATIN‘ POLLY.

B-17 #42-30130 / Alia Bubble Trouble aka Klap Trap II

42-30130 / Alia Bubble Trouble aka Klap Trap II

Delivered Cheyenne 15/4/43; Smoky Hill 24/4/43; Presque Is 16/5/43; Assigned 337BS/96BG [AW-J] Andrews Fd 25/5/43 ALIA BUBBLE TROUBLE; Snetterton 12/6/43 then 413BS; Missing in Action Ludwigshafen 7/1/44 with Roland Peterson, Co-pilot: Oscar Megginson, Navigator: Frank Painer, Bombardier: Morris Friedman, Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Preston Hildebrand, Radio Operator: Cliff Busch, Ball turret gunner: Harry White, Waist gunner: Jerome Dudek (8 Killed in Action); Waist gunner: Bill Roberts,Tail gunner: Andy Wiess (2 Prisoner of War); flak set engine afire near Eindhoven, crashed Molenschot, between Breda & Tilburg, Hol. Missing Air Crew Report 2018. KLAP TRAP II.

B-17 #41-24497 / Mizpah II

41-24497 / Mizpah II

Delivered ? ?; with Jim Dale force landed Berry Fd, Nashville, TN 15/8/42; Assigned 322BS/91BG [LG-P] Westover 16/8/42; Bassingbourn 30/9/42; Missing in Action on the aircraft’s 26th mission, to Stuttgart on 6 September 1943 with Pilot William R. Cox; Co-pilot: William R. James; Navigator: Edgar L. Richardson; Bombardier: James E. Harlow; Flight engineer/top turret gunner: Lester B. Schlaich; Radio Operator: Kerrane A. Smallidge; Ball turret gunner: Henry A. Griswold Jr; Waist gunner: Paul DeMidio, Waist gunner: James H. Witter; Tail gunner: William B. McCrea (10 Returned to Duty); ditched Channel close to shore and all rescued by coast guard.

B-17 #44-6429


Delivered Lincoln 31/7/44; Grenier 21/8/44; Assigned 353BS/301BG Lucera 7/9/44; Returned to the USA Bradley 30/6/45; Sth Plains 3/7/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Kingman 28/11/45.

B-17 #44-6872


Delivered Hunter 7/12/44; Dow Fd 19/12/44; Assigned 419BS/301BG Lucera 9/2/45; Returned to the USA Bradley 24/7/45; Wright Fd 27/7/45; Cleveland 6/8/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Walnut Ridge 12/2/46.

B-17 #42-97468 / Tujunga III

42-97468 / Tujunga III

Delivered Cheyenne 24/11/43; Wendover 12/12/43; Assigned: 750BS/457BG [N] Glatton 27/1/44; battle damage Augsburg 25/2/44 Pilot: Bob Lane, rest ‚, Waist Gunner: Winfred Kincaid; flak hit on #3, needed salvo of loose equipment to get back to RAF base on South Coast, but crash-landed France. Salvaged. 10/8/44. TUJUNGA III.